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I've been threatened not to tell

It is very common for young people to be told they must not tell about any abuse that is going on. Often the abuser will threaten to harm you or someone else if you tell. They may tell you no one will believe you and might say that the abuse is your fault – that somehow you make them, or allow them to do it. This is simply not true, and is a very cruel lie that adds to the abuse.

People who abuse others will say anything and tell many lies to cover up the abuse and to stop you getting help. Being told not to tell especially if you are also being threatened can be very frightening. The person hurting you knows that and hopes that you will always be too scared to tell, and they will be able to continue with the abuse. 

Social Workers and Police know how hard it is to tell, and know that you might have been told not to. They will take any threats to hurt you very seriously and when you do tell, they will do everything they can to keep you and anyone else who has been threatened safe.