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What if it happened ages ago?

If it is something that happened to me ages ago, can I still tell?

It is often very hard to talk about the abuse you are experiencing and it can take a long time for you to feel able to tell. This is quite a common feeling and many children and young people don’t tell until the abuse has been happening for a long time, or maybe even after it has stopped.

The sooner you can talk about abuse the sooner you can get help to be safe and end the abuse, but it is never too late to tell. Even if you were abused years ago you should still tell someone. The person who was abusing you, may be abusing others. Carrying the worries and feelings caused by abuse is too much for anybody to have to deal with on their own.

If you are still under 18 all the information on this website about what happens will apply, no matter when the abuse happened or is reported.

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