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I'm worried about my friend

It can be difficult to know what you should do if you are worried that a friend is being hurt or if they have told you someone is hurting them and they have asked you not to tell.


Your friend must have trusted you enough to tell you about their worries but while it is good that you listened to them, that is not likely to be enough, and it won’t make the abuse stop.  You will not by yourself be able to make that happen, and you might now be worrying about your friend. You both need to get help from an adult you can trust, you can suggest to your friend that they tell someone, and you can maybe offer to go with them.  That might be your own parent, someone in school or another adult you trust. You can show them this website and the ideas in the question bubble Who Can I Tell. They might also feel okay about making a call to ChildLine.

If your friend does not want to talk with anyone, it is still important that you tell someone what you know.  It will then be up to them to decide what should be done next. 


Your friend may be upset that you have told what they might think is a secret, but telling is the only real way you can help your friend be safe.