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I'm scared if I tell it will get worse

Living with somebody who is abusive or neglects you is scary.

You might be worried about getting into trouble if you talk to someone or the person abusing you gets away with it and the abuse just goes on. You might worry that if they stop abusing you, they might start on a younger brother or sister.

You could be worried that if you tell, it will cause lots of arguments in your family, and you will be blamed for this. Sometimes some adults in the family might argue about the abuse and be angry with each other. Sometimes they can be angry with you, but you will have done the right thing telling. 


Deep down usually the adults know you were right to tell and in time will help you with your feelings about this.


If you are worried about any of these things there are people who will  help you. You can talk to any of the people mentioned in Who Can I Tell question or you can call Childline. The staff will listen and help. They will talk you through all the things you can do to make things better. They won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. They won’t make you say anything you’re not ready to. They will help you start to make things better for yourself.

Calls are private and don't even show up on any phone bills.