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Will I get taken into care?

No, telling someone about abuse or neglect doesn't mean that you'll be taken into care.

You can read more by going back to the question ‘What Happens After I Tell’. 

The most important thing is to make sure you are safe while Police and Social Workers try to find out more about what has been happening and make plans with you and your family to make sure you are safe. 

Sometimes the person who has been hurting you will be asked to find somewhere to live while these plans are made, but if that means there would then be no one at home to look after you, you may have to go and live somewhere else for a time.  Social Workers would first check to see if you have any other family who you would be happy to go with and who could take care of you. Sometimes if that can’t happen and there are serious worries about your safety, you may go to live with foster carers for a time. 

If that does happen you will still see your family unless that would be very unsafe. It is the job of Police and Social Workers to help keep you safe and to help your family find ways to sort out what is wrong so you can safely live with them.