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Will my Mum and Dad get into trouble?

It is not unusual to like or even love the person that is abusing you, even though you don’t like what they are doing. This is especially true if the abuser is your mum, dad or carer. The abuse might also only happen some of the time like when they have been drinking.


No matter how often, or in what situation, what they are doing is wrong. It is not okay and it is not your fault.

If the abuse isn’t stopped, you might one day be very badly hurt.  Abuse is likely to affect your future health and happiness. It is your parent or carer’s job to keep you safe from harm. When those who are supposed to look after you are hurting or neglecting you, you should always tell someone about it.

It is really important that you think about your own safety first and that is much more important than how upset a person who is hurting you might be. Your safety is much more important than any trouble somebody who is hurting you will get into.

You are not to blame.


Most parents and carers don’t like it when social workers or Police get involved with their family. Some will get angry or upset when they are have to talk about things they have done wrong.  it is still the job of the social workers, school staff and others  to work with your family to help make it a safe and caring place for you to grow up.