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Reporting a concern

In Dundee we know that procedures and professionals alone cannot keep children safe, but that together with a vigilant public we can reduce the risks to children who are in need of protection.

Often family, friends and neighbours are well placed to know what daily life is like for children , and can be the first to identify concerns and families that are struggling and in need of additional support.

 In Dundee we want YOU to tell us about these children and ask


Too often we think that someone will be doing something. That professionals must be aware of worries about a child or that someone else will be reporting what is happening.  This is not always the case. 

If you have concerns about a child, please tell us.  

If a child is in danger or at immediate risk you should phone the Police on 999. 

For other risks and concerns you should phone Dundee Child Protection Line on 307999 – this is available 24 hours a day, every day

There is also an option for reporting concerns online, but this should not be used for emergencies or where there is any immediate risks to a child.