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Reporting historic abuse

It is often very hard to talk about the abuse you have experienced and it can take a long time for you to feel able talk about it. This is quite a common feeling and many victims of abuse don’t tell for many years after the abuse has stopped.


It is never too late to tell. 


Even if you were abused years ago you should still tell someone.  The person who abused you may be still abusing others.  By telling you can help protect other children or young people.


You can report historic abuse to the Police who will arrange for specialist officers to meet with you to gather information to help then decide how best to proceed. The Police will keep you informed of any actions they are taking.  Many victims of past abuse are reluctant to report to the Police for a number of reasons, including the fear of possible court actions. This is understandable. However, reporting directly to Police may be the quickest way of protecting others from risk that your abuser might pose to them.

If you don’t feel ready to make a report to the Police there are some other options you can consider. You can find useful information here  . If you were involved with the social work department as a child, you can ask to see your records. This is called a Subject Access Request.  In Dundee you should apply to Jane Martin, Chief Social Worker at jane.martin@dundeecity.gov.uk 

Being able to read your records might help you understand what actions if any were taken and why.  In Dundee any person asking to see their files who was looked after ( in care) or where there were child protection concerns are offered the  opportunity of being supported in going through their records with qualified worker including exploring options for taking concerns forward and accessing other appropriate supports, such as Future Pathways

You can also report concerns to the National Child Abuse Inquiry.