The Committee

What Is The Child Protection Committee?

Child Protection Committees were first established in each local authority area across Scotland in 1991. Since then, they have been subject to many reforms and reviews, in particular in 2005 when they were strengthened as part of the then Scottish Executive's Child Protection Reform Programme.

Child Protection Committees are locally based, inter-agency strategic partnerships responsible for the design, development, publication, distribution, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of child protection policy and practice across the public, private and wider third sectors in their locality and in partnership across Scotland. Their role, through their respective local structures and memberships, is to provide individual and collective leadership and direction for the management of child protection services across Scotland. They work in partnership with their respective Chief Officers' Groups and the Scottish Government to take forward child protection policy and practice across Scotland.


Dundee Child Protection Committee

The Dundee Child Protection Committee core membership consists of representatives of key stakeholder agencies. (See List)

The committee is chaired by an independent chairperson contracted to fulfil this role by Dundee City Council on behalf of Dundee Child Protection Committee. The Vice Chair role is undertaken by the Service Manager, Strategy and Performance Team, Children and families Service, Dundee City Council.

The functions of the Child Protection Committee are continuous improvement, strategic planning, public information and communication


Dundee Child Protection Committee can be contacted by way of the Lead Officer, Protecting people on 01382 436264